Racquet Torques

Racquet Torques is played with tennis racquets, think Tennis and Badminton have a baby and you have Racquet Torques. Its harder than Pickleball easier than Tennis. Set up a FlyZone practically anywhere. Beach, grass, or even on hard surfaces! Check out our Timer Scoring on the Torques App!! Link below.


Our New AWS DataBase Torques App is almost here!

Our current App will has both Racquet Torques and Torques Toss scoring to bring a high tech twist to our ancient game! Click to the App Store and download it for Free! Any Rally Sport can be scored using our Timer Scoring Technology, how cool is that? Membership Database version coming soon!

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Torques Toss

Toss is much like Horseshoes or Cornhole with scoring that's as easy as 1,2,3! It's fun to play for all ages. Our Toss Birds take flight with a spin and are easy to grasp for small hands making Toss easy for everyone young and old. Torques Toss is super portable and can be played almost anywhere. Similar to Cornhole, but a hole lot better! Our new Torques App includes Toss 1,2,3, scoring 1st Bird is worth 1 point, 2nd Bird is worth 2 and 3rd Bird is worth 3 the "Money Bird"

We have a mindfulness mode on the App to "Let Go and Grow!" Please see the Armed Torques page below for more info.


Armed Torques Mind Health~ Arming you with the Triangle to "Let go and Grow"

Mindset matters and we arm you with the T.F.B. Triangle from research supported Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to arm you with movement based mindfulness with ancient bravery symbolism.

Armed Torques has several exercises including a B.A.T. Belly-Breathing Arm Triangle and H.A.T. Heart Arm Triangle and our latest Wrap~Birds. We are arming you with movement based Mindset tools to help slow down our over stimulating world to better manage reactive behaviors so we can come from the heart. Our themes are "Let Go and Grow" and "Let it rest in the nest" so you can "Keep your head in the game". Click Explore to see our handouts.


We pair music with movement to Breathe

This video is a part of our Armed Torques program that introduces the B.A.T. using music as memorable way to teach Belly Breathing. We use the CBT Triangle and arm movement to move out of stinking thinking into our bodies to feel ourselves breathing deeply. Use your BAT so you don't go "bat poop crazy"


Torques is an Exhibitor at the 2023 Student Mental Wellness Conference in Anaheim!

Wellness Together puts on a wonderful annual conference focused on Student Mental Wellness. As a part of exhibiting Torques we developed a SMWC7 Community Vision Nest for our Raffle of a Torques Toss Set. We asked participants a Superintendent Thurmond inspired question: "How do you want to grow the foundation of School Community Wellness?" Click on the Explore button to see the great responses, our Raffle Winner and Conference Flyer.


OC Racquet & Toss~ Meetup

Come join us this Wednesday on the Costa Mesa Library Lawn from 5:30pm to 7:30pm We will have Racquet Torques FlyZone Competition, Torques Toss and Coaching Sessions. We need Keepers that use the Torques App for scoring matches. Come join us! Fun times for All!

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Get into Gear on the Torques Store

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Ancient Torques found in France!

Torques were popular with Celts, Vikings, Romans, and Greeks from around the 8th century BC to the 3rd century AD and symbolized bravery, esteem, and royal authority. We have reinvented the ancient game of Torques into a Toss Game and Racquet Sport along with Mind Health Tools promoting self esteem development. Here's a Map of Ancient Torques found in France.

Check out the Wiki Link below.

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Torques Jewelry

There are a variety of great Jewelry Artisans out there crafting cool Torques Jewelry such as necklaces, etc, please check out their links:

Sons of Vikings Torques

Wulflund Celtic Torques

Modern Torques

Our Ancient Research Paper "Old News"

Back in 1998 we had some research done by an Anthropology Reference and Research Group and we wanted to share their paper with you.

PDF Paper Link

Torques TV is on YouTube!!

Please check out our videos, the Drone ones are my favorites and there's the OG (old guy) with the Ancient Story of Torques. Please Subscribe to our Channel! The Future Takes Flight on Torques TV!!

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Torques Support & Privacy Policy

We here at the Global Torques Organization the (GTO) support you in all things needed to make sure you enjoy your Torques experience and that includes your Privacy. Please feel free to email me Scott (Inventor/Founder) at: scott@torques.tv and I will personally see to it that your issue is resolved. Also please click the link below to see our Privacy Policy. Thanks


Scott Thomas Peterson, Founder

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Torques joins UCI Late Night!

University of California at Irvine's Anteater Recreation Center hosts a great open house and Torques was there! We are starting a play group Fridays at 10am on the ARC Fields. Check out the pictures from Late Night!

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