Collection: Torques : The Off-Court Racquet Sport

Players use tennis racquets to hit the patented oversized "Bird" back and forth to each other. Torques is played on any surface from the beach to the grass, off-road or on a field, and even on hard surfaces! Competitive action takes place inside the FlyZone setup. Matchplay can be scored normally with points or with our new Rally Scoring App in which the seconds of the rally count as points of the game.

Competitive Flyzone

The FlyZone is created by the use of the two pairs of 10 foot poles slid into anchor tubes that are designed for use in sand or turf. A fair shot is between the poles and between the lines in the "HitZone"  

The Deadzone is the zone between the players. If you hit into the dead zone it is OUT.

Behind the End Line, in front of the Front Line, and outside of the poles are all considered OUT.

Do you own a tennis racquet already?

Torques is designed to be played with normal tennis racquets. We did this on purpose to keep the cost of entry minimal. If you have racquets, all you need is a tube of Shuttles to get started! Take your racquet skills and show them off almost anywhere.

What is the key difference between Racquet Torques & Badminton?

Torque shuttles can tolerate far more wind than badminton birdies as Torques are powered by tennis racquets. We can play on the beach where it can be quite windy. It can handle wind up to 10 mph. If it's windier than that, it can be quite challenging for the players.

  • Play Anywhere

    No Court Needed for Racquet Torques. Play anywhere with about 40 ft of room. Beach, Park, Backyard, Anywhere!

  • Easy to Learn

    Racquet Torques is easy to learn & especially easy if you've played a racquet sport before.

  • Tennis Racquet?

    Torques is played with tennis racquets. Yes, any tennis racquet will work with the Torques Shuttle.


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