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Torques Toss Set with Birds

Torques Toss Set with Birds

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Torques Toss is a game similar to cornhole or horseshoes. The set comes with 2 BirdsNests and 2 tubes of T-Birds with 3 birds in each tube. Kids love Tossing the birds because the wings are easy to toss for small hands. The BirdsNests are lightweight and portable with our carry bag that also has compartments for the 2 Tubes of T-Birds. Set up is easy with two poles and 2 ground stakes per Nest.

What's in the box

2 Bird's Nests

6 Birds

1 Carrying Bag

4 Ground Stakes

How to play

We score Toss with a 1,2,3 Scoring system in which the first tossed bird being worth 1 point, the 2nd bird is 2 points and the 3rd bird is worth 3 points. The birds do need to "rest in the nest" to be counted as the birds will occasionally land in the Nest and bounce out. First to 21 points wins. Keep going if you tie at 21 all.


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Toss is a game for all ages that's easy to learn and fun to play. Similar to Cornhole, but lightweight, much easier to transport and played practically anywhere with 20 feet of room. The underarm toss is similar to the cornhole or a bowling motion which is much like the swing of the underarm serve in Racquet Torques. In this regard Toss is foundational to learning the serve in Racquet Torques

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